DC Smoke Shop - Finding the Best Weed Store in DC 2021

Where to Smoke Weed in DC - Safest Smoke Spots 2022

According to the law, smoking in Washington DC is not allowed in very many places. 

But if your habits are anything like mine, you’re going to figure out those places you that can smoke, so we’re going to cut to the chase and show you where to smoke weed in DC safely. 

Where to smoke in Washington DC 2021

Thanks to Initiative 71 (which you can learn more about here), anyone over the age of 21 can possess up to two ounces of marijuana. But there are still some important restrictions for smoking in DC.

While it’s true that smoking weed in DC is technically illegal on public or federal property, the growing cannabis culture in DC means that some establishments have opened their doors for smoking in the city. 

Let’s run down all the places where you can — and can’t — smoke in DC.

Smoking in Washington DC Without Getting Caught

With DC’s complex web of laws, tourists and locals alike are wondering: Where to smoke weed in DC?

Just to be clear, smoking weed in DC is perfectly legal. But there are a few conditions. 

Smoking in Washington DC Without Getting Caught Gifted Curators DC

While smoking on private property is allowed, it’s still illegal to smoke in public places. And yes, that also technically means public places that are privately accessible, like a store or a bar. 

That being said, some establishments might let you smoke on their “private property” — if you know the right places. 

Here are a few of those places you should keep on your radar. 

Safest Place to Smoke Weed - Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan in Washington DC is known as one of the safest places to smoke in DC. The cannabis culture is strong in Adams Morgan, with some of the most trusted smoke shops such as Gifted Curators.

With beautiful historical row houses on 18th street and a vibrant nightlife, there are plenty of places to smoke some weed. Play it safe and start with some THC carts and explore and experiment. It’s common to smell the beautiful aromas of cannabis all throughout Adams Morgan.

While there have been reports of police restricting cannabis use, it’s generally considered one of the safer places to smoke weed and not get caught.

If you’re in the area but not sure if you feel safe enough to smoke, you can always take a quick look around to see if anybody else has made Adams Morgan their toke spot. The sight of other stoners might put you at ease about lighting one up.

‌U Street - DC Smoke Nightlife

With blasting music and a lively nightlife scene, U Street is the party central for locals and tourists alike to have a good time. 

Packed full of bars and underground clubs, this area in the District is known as a discreet smoke spot for anyone active in nightlife. 

Before hitting up the clubs, you can duck into the alleyways of U Street to steal a quick smoke. It’s private, discreet, and much less crowded than other areas of the city. While it might seem scary to head into a dark alleyway to light up, it’s a popular smoke spot, so you’re likely to see others doing the same. 

Other Places to Smoke Weed in DC and Not Get Caught

Smoking weed in DC public spaces might be illegal, but these are the last few places that will let you know where to smoke weed in DC.

Some DC bars and clubs are more relaxed about their restrictions. They may let you spark a joint or two on their rooftop or in an outdoor courtyard.

One establishment that’s well known for doubling as a smoke spot is the nightclub Rosebar Lounge, so you can light one up while listening to your favorite tunes. 

These establishments aren’t legally allowed to condone smoking, but they’ll look the other way. The worst thing you’re likely to encounter is a manager asking you to put your weed away.

Another great spot to smoke weed and not get caught is the Congressional Cemetery. Don’t be deterred by the creepy location — it’s one of the safest spots for you to smoke in public. Located in Southeast DC, the cemetery is much less crowded, giving you a low chance of running into anybody else (except other stoners). 

Finally, the best and safest place for smoking weed in DC is always going to be your own home. When you’re on your own private property, you can do as you please, including smoking or otherwise consuming weed with yourself or with your friends.

Out of all the options available to you, this one is by far the safest — and it’s the only one that’s fully, 100% legal. 

Where You Can’t Smoke in DC

If your dream was to roll up to Washington DC and smoke weed on the streets without a care, you might be out of luck. While wanting to know where to smoke weed in DC, it’s just as important to know where you should absolutely stray away from.

Initiative 71, while allowing for recreational use, was designed for smokers to enjoy their weed in the comfort of a private residence. That means it’s illegal to smoke on any public or federal grounds.

This includes any park, street, alley, parking lot, sidewalk, or public housing project. Even smoking in your own car is illegal, as it’s technically not considered private property.

Unfortunately, it also applies to public places that are privately accessible, like a store, restaurant, bar, or club. However, we’ve already talked about some of the ways to get around it — if the establishment is willing to look the other way. 

At the end of the day, using cannabis in public in DC is possible, but only if you’re careful enough. Scope out the places you’re going to smoke before you go and be aware of the risks. When in doubt, you can always ask one of the locals. 

Legally Smoking in DC - Bottom Line

The weed laws in DC seem to be switching up quickly. But it’s 2021, we can freely smoke in DC right? 

Not so fast, smoking is not allowed in most places, so you will want to know where to smoke weed in DC legally. Easy enough, if you just follow our DC smoking guide.  

While the safest place to smoke weed is always going to be in your own home, we get it. Sometimes you just want to enjoy your cannabis under the open sky. 

There might be some strict laws in place governing the use of weed in DC, but there are ways to stay on top of the law while still lighting up a joint and having a good time. 

Knowing where to smoke weed in DC can mean the difference between freely enjoying cannabis and ending up in big trouble.